Edwardian Engagement Rings

wooden ring box diamondsAre you bored with the same old cuts and gem stones used relating to engagement rings? Perhaps you want to return in time, be enamored, and provides the one you love a unique piece of a gem referred to as the Edwardian engagement ring.

It Was a Glorious Time 

The identify “Edwardian” is derived from the time of King Edward VII of England. He dominated the country for round 10 years. When he was still younger, his mom, Queen Victoria, did not embrace him in a number of political affairs. Nonetheless, he was still seen because of his sense of vogue and style.

Maybe it was his elite style that was the inspiration for the creation of unique and flamboyant forms of rings. They don’t have any particular kind or most well-liked gemstone, however the ring is often well beloved as a result of it at all times looks different, flashy, but nonetheless conventional and generally romantic. Depending on the ring worn, you’ll know the particular person’s standing in society.

Widespread Designs 

The Edwardian rings turned well-liked even after his reign. The rings have been most wanted even till 1920. As a result of there was a really lengthy period to turn out to be creative and there aren’t any direct guidelines on tips on how to provide you with an Edwardian ring, there have been a number of designs that became extremely saleable.

For one, there are plenty of accent stones. These smaller stones are often discovered on the side of the rings or around the larger stone. This also gave the rise of bezel and pave settings that are two of the most effective methods to highlight the accents.

It is also widespread so as to add imageries which can be related to romanticism. Edwardian rings would typically bear hearts and flowers that had been patterned according to filigree (twisting wires for the sake of ornament or ornamentation). The more elaborate ones would include birds and bows.

Furthermore, the twisted however completely shaped wires are then paired with the arches so as to add more drama into the ring.

It was also during the Edwardian interval that other gems were given extra notice. A few of these include the emeralds, rubies, aquamarines, and sapphires. More notably, old cut diamonds like the antique vintage cushion cuts and old European cut diamonds were extremely popular.

Where to Find the Ring 

In the event you’re on the lookout for the true deal, then you need to strive hitting online and offline classic shops. It also pays if you can ask your grandparents if they own anything that resembles to any of the above-talked about designs.

You may also opt for the more trendy Edwardian rings. Some of them now comply with patterns, but there are still accents and platinum, silver, and white gold is utilized more often.

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